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Erik Maye, LMFT, MA Counseling
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves repeating the same old patterns and feeling stuck. I help clients gain insight about themselves and their relationships to create deeper connections and make changes in their lives. I believe therapy involves having genuine conversations about who you are and what brings meaning to your life within the safety of a compassionate, non-judgmental, and authentic relationship.

I am honored to help people find and build fulfilling and genuine lives. My approach to therapy involves collaboration, honesty, respect, curiosity, and humor. I believe that clients are the experts on their own lives and I feel privileged to facilitate the process of therapy which often involves exploration, awakening, and growth.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I provide services to couples, families, children/adolescents, and adult individuals. It is important to have a good working relationship with your therapist. If you feel like I might be a good fit for your needs, please schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation.

Originally from Chicago, I moved to Austin 20 years ago and fell in love with the beautiful outdoors, the friendly people, and the unique spirit that encompasses Austin. In addition to having a Master’s Degree in Counseling from St. Edward’s University, I earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas. 

My first career as a software developer led me into entrepreneurship where I ran a small technology consulting firm for over 10 years. My previous career helps me relate to and understand the specific challenges experienced by tech workers, entrepreneurs, and people contemplating mid-life career changes. 
I consider myself blessed to have an incredibly supportive partner, two wonderful kids, and several animals which keeps things constantly interesting at our house. In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, running marathons, breakfast tacos, and playing chess.


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